About Us

JumpPoint Technologies is an IT partner for companies that recognize that IT is not their core business, but rather an integral part of the delivery system. JumpPoint Technologies Inc. assists Fortune 500 companies in becoming engineered for change, to evolve as their core business changes.

Companies reach their jumping point when they don’t have the cutting edge expertise in house, don’t have the niche skills, and don’t want to invest in them, or simply don’t know where to start. In short we will help companies transform themselves through consulting, staffing, and infrastructure to become more efficient and to invest only in the activities that build value for their organization.

JumpPoint Technologies specializes in creating customized service solutions to better identify and satisfy your company’s unique IT needs. We offer services such as buying and leasing personal and mid-range computers along with providing networking equipment from many of the most trusted names in the Information Technology industry – names like IBM, Cisco, HP/Compaq and Sun Microsystems.
Our goal is to provide the best value in Enterprise Hardware and support to our clients. In support of this goal, we offer a range of customizable service solutions including:

The latest infrastructure solutions

High Availability Solutions

Storage and Datacentre solutions

Technology Staffing and Outsourcing
Founded in June of 1991, JumpPoint Technologies’ sales and technical support team has acquired expertise in determining the most ideal midrange hardware solutions for your company. JumpPoint Technologies helps its customers take advantage of highly competitive and fluctuating market prices due to the flexibility of our solutions and our ability to deliver the latest in equipment technology. By integrating these advantages into our customizable service solutions, JumpPoint Technologies has grown into an industry leader in corporate hardware solutions.